Tuesday, 20 July 2010


As I am having a very busy schedule at work I could not update this blog with latest news on the matter.

Ms. B. wrote me back on Monday (as promised) that National Express will compansate our loss due to this incident. I am glad to hear that National Express finally decided to take full responsibility on this issue, even if I had to fight for our rights. I hope they will be more careful in the future. I will be posting details later on.

Thanks for your support and keep following us for the full story.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Phone conversation with National Express

Dear all,

Finally I was able to speak to one of the customer representatives of National Express (Ms. B.) as I was busy the last two times when she called me.

Ms. B.'s attitude was more friendly and she actually asked me for receipts of the amendment costs incurred due to the delay. This is important because Mr. W.'s e-mails have just stated: "We are sorry, but it is not our fault". Ms. B.'s approach can be seen as a U-turn in their attitude towards us. Is it because they are afraid of this blog and other social sites linking to this blog or is it because they have realised their mistake? I really do not have any idea on this.

However, I can say that asking for the receipts may be seen as acceptance of their fault. In my opinion, this is a good point to start with. In the second phase we will see how they react on their own faults. Will they say "This is our fault, but there is nothing we can do about it" or "This is our fault and we will be there for you to fix it"?

We will get the answer on Monday as Ms. B. promised me to come back with a response on that day.

I will keep you posted, so keep an eye on our blog.

No wonder about that!

Just found these while I was looking for other people who suffered from the lack of the customer service of National Express:



Thursday, 15 July 2010

Call from National Express

I just received a call from National Express customer services while I was driving. I told the lady on the phone to call me in 30-45 min. again, so we will see what they are up to.

Any guesses?

I guess they will repeat the same answer on the phone. I will keep you updated on any news.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Why are we doing this?

Dear all,

This is the first post on our blog and we thought that it will be helpful to summarise our recent experience with National Express coaches in a few words before we start to publish the whole story.

A few weeks ago, we travelled from Turkey just to attend the Glastonbury Festival 2010. We have been to the festival in 2009 when we were postgraduate students at the University of Warwick. After graduation we came back to Turkey and we are living and working in Turkey since then.

Glastonbury 2009 was so amazing that we decided to attend this year's festival as well, although we would have to travel for a long time. We arranged our work in Turkey so, that we would take the flight on 23rd June to London and then return back on 28th June. However, on the way back from the Glastonbury Festival site we missed our flight because of National Express' lack of service. A National Express staff at the Heathrow Airport advised us to pay for a new booking on our own and then claim it back to National Express. However, National Express now denies its responsibilities and refuses to compensate our loss. We will be telling about this incident with every detail on this blog.

Please feel free to add any comments or share our blog with your friends who might be thinking of using National Express' services. We think everyone has the right to know how they react on such issues. Customer services should be there for you before and after your purchase. Companies should try to do their best to fulfil their promises. "It is not our fault" approach should be replaced by "We are sorry and we are responsible for the inconvenience caused to you" approach.

In a nut shell, this is a blog for the customer revenge on National Express. You are also welcome to share your similar experiences with National Express.

PS: Please excuse our English as we are not native speakers.